Sun customs clearance
China's cultural products cross-border electricity supplier export service platform launched one-stop one-stop export integrated service solutions, the main objective of the use of customer groups for the use of express export enterprises. Every single express delivery, respectively more than a single centralized Customs declaration of export mode, greatly enhance the efficiency of export operations, and achieve your sunshine collection and enjoy national tax rebate policy, enhance the accumulation of profit rate credit data, export demand.
Platform advantage
Efficient and convenient
Batch shipment, centralized Customs declaration,
one-stop service escort
Compliance operation
Comply with national laws and regulations,
sunshine operation, safe and secure
Credit accumulation
Cumulative platform credit
future to win more business opportunities and data dividends
Cooperation process
Common problem
How to use cross border integrated services
Generally divided into four steps:
1. enterprise self help complete platform registration.
2. complete enterprise and platform signing, admittance.
3. please submit the name of the declaration entity and the filing code of the declaration entity to the customer manager of the platform, so that the account can be opened within one working day.
4. users complete online order shipment.
Conditions for the use of cross-border integrated services?
1., from the electronic business platform orders, such as: letter guarantee, fast selling, Amazon, eBay and other B2C trading platform trading orders;
2. enterprises need to sign Chinese cultural products cross-border electricity supplier export service platform;