Development Planning
China International Book Trading Group (hereinafter referred to as national chart company) was established in 1949 and is affiliated to China foreign languages bureau. Platform based on the Internet, to build a small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to provide import and export logistics, customs clearance, letter guarantee, financing, foreign exchange, tax rebates, such as the entire foreign trade supply chain services integrated service platform.
The platform using their own advantages, to facilitate customs clearance of export tax rebate advantages, advantages in security inspection and quarantine, business facilitation of exports at the same time, the platform can initiate a credit investigation, help SMEs understand the creditworthiness of overseas customers, to achieve the export of goods, reduce the risk; at the same time, the state-owned capital and policy advantage the advantages and advantages of scale benefit to more small and micro enterprises in foreign trade.
Shared idea
Building a "one-stop" user experience
Build service brands of foreign trade state-owned enterprises
Combined with the core concept of the shared economic model, the main features of China's cultural products, cross-border electricity providers and foreign trade export service platform are embodied in the following three aspects
First, public attributes
This platform is mainly relying on the Internet and big data for China cultural export enterprises to provide overseas exhibition resource sharing service, overseas warehousing resource sharing service, cultural industry financial services resource sharing, international settlement and payment channels resources sharing. At the same time, the platform should focus on commerce, culture, and customs, inspection and quarantine, tax, and other departments outside tube platform interoperability, through big data analysis and exchange for relevant departments of policy support, so as to establish the cultural products export one-stop collaborative sharing system, build a comprehensive service export products of famous brands. Therefore, the platform has a strong sharing of resources and the nature of public service, and needs the core construction of "Chinese culture going out".
Two,the exchange property
This platform needs collaborative sharing system all kinds of operators and relates to a wide range of data exchange, and Amazon, eBay, Alibaba aliexpress, Wish and other international business platform interoperability, and domestic commercial enterprises all kinds of ERP data docking, and export exhibition organization platform docking, data interoperability and cross-border electricity supplier logistics, trade and finance the Internet service provider system. The data exchange is based on the collaborative sharing, is the biggest challenge of sharing service platform construction ability therefore, construction of the main platform not only needs to have a strong industry call and coordination ability, also need to have a strong R & D organization of Internet technology and architecture integration ability.
Three , value-added attributes
This platform is integrated Chinese enterprises set up in the "The Belt and Road along the country's all kinds of cultural products, warehousing, single service site, through the Internet platform for high efficiency and low cost allocation of distributed resources exchange, idle resources and cultural products export sector, to achieve" potential and efficiency, reduce the cost and quality "shared economic objectives. While providing low-cost, efficient and stable value-added services to export enterprises of Chinese cultural products, the platform will rely on the concept of sharing and value-added services to obtain social value and capital.
In order to carry forward the fine culture of the Chinese nation and promote cultural exchanges between China and other countries of the world
Expanding international trade in books, periodicals and other cultural products is the mission and responsibility
Group honor
Has been named the national news publishing go advanced units, the national key enterprises, cultural export customs AA import and export enterprises, our company more than one figure going out key projects get the recognition and support of relevant ministries and commissions of the state.
Group overview
China International Book Trading Group Company (hereinafter referred to as country chart company) was established in 1949 and is affiliated to China foreign languages bureau. State corporation is the first import and export organization of new China. It has created and developed the foreign trade of new China publications. It has always been the largest and strongest institution for the export of Chinese publications. Over the past 60 years, China Pictures Corporation has published about 1000000000 volumes of Chinese publications in more than 40 languages to more than 180 countries and regions worldwide. It has held and participated in thousands of international book fairs in more than 90 countries and regions. State Pictures Corporation currently exports nearly 4 million publications annually, representing more than 9000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals in china.
development direction
In recent years, the company always adhere to the outside of China, international development orientation, to carry forward the fine Chinese culture, promote China and the world cultural exchanges, expand the books and other cultural products in international trade for the mission and responsibility, in practice constantly explore and promote the innovation and development of transformation and upgrading.
Core mission & Strategic Thinking
Accelerating the development of foreign cultural trade and "going out" of Chinese culture"
The China International Book Trading Group aims to promote the transformation and upgrading of the integrated service model of export from a single book export mode to an integrated and platform based cultural product, and fully uses the shared economic model, Build a "Chinese cultural products cross-border electricity supplier foreign trade export service platform.""
Integrate resources
Integration of overseas traditional books, display and storage of idle resources, to the public opening, resource sharing, and reduce the potential for the core concept, for Chinese cultural products export enterprises to provide quality services.
Overcome difficulties
Give full play to the advantages of public confidence, and actively coordinate business, culture and port related departments to promote the settlement of industrial difficulties and pain points of cross-border export of cultural products.
Overseas warehousing
Chinese International Book Trading Corporation and sun InfoQuick (Beijing) Trade Service Co. Ltd. to carry out "sharing warehouse" strategic cooperation, efforts to promote the China enterprises in the "The Belt and Road along the country's display, storage, service resource integration, collaborative sharing, complete Chinese cultural products from the one-stop service to overseas warehousing and transportation Wei Cheng delivery to consumers, to make positive exploration and innovation for the practice of China culture going out. At present, the project has been in Madrid, France Paris the success of the pilot plan, before the end of this year to the UK, Germany, Poland and other countries along the The Belt and Road "application.
Professional advantages
Professional experience in traditional import and export trading platform is based on more than 50 years, can meet the needs of business applications from the credit - domestic procurement - export declaration - International Logistics - Overseas warehousing - credit insurance financing - tax rebate settlement and other aspects of the whole service demand, personalized service to create features for each customer, and by professional personnel to provide a the attentive service.
Logistics advantage
China Book Import and export company operating for many years, the logistics channel is mature and stable, the network of overseas institutions and overseas positions all over the world, is the core of Chinese cultural products export of cross-border electricity supply chain services, while Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places to launch domestic intelligent warehouse for China companies in cross-border export goods collection the dominant position in the industry.
Financial advantage
Credit and scale advantages of state-owned enterprises, financial institutions partners, for small and medium cultural products cross-border export enterprises to provide low interest rates financial services.
Sharing advantage
The integration of resources to promote the "The Belt and Road along the country, display, storage, services, use of shared economic mode to promote the sharing of resources, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
step1 Registration
Complete online registration, and then in accordance with the guidelines in accordance with the account to complete the enterprise record, after the completion of registration, we will arrange for professional customer manager to contact you.
step2 confirm cooperation
After completing the online registration request, the account manager will contact you within 2 working days, and will give you a detailed introduction of the new field of view services related to the cross boundary, and shall initially know the services you need. After confirming your willingness to cooperate, we will sign the cooperation agreement with you.
step3 Assigned professional service consultant
The customer manager submits your intention, the commodity information and so on related information to the platform backstage review, after the review passes, the platform will assign the full-time service consultant for you.
step4 Selection service
[logistics services]: you can choose a station based cross-border direct hair service or overseas warehouse service according to your actual situation, provided that you register as a user and log in.
[foreign trade service]: convenient customs clearance, one step refund, safe settlement of exchange, etc..
[financial services]: financial services provided on the basis of the right to mortgage or trade data.
Note: customers who do not use logistics services are temporarily unable to use foreign trade or financial services.
step5 Service order and execution
You can order according to the choice of services (self orders or manual orders), the platform professional service consultant will keep close contact with you, to ensure that your needs have been effectively met.
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